BFP is a custom design production manufacturing company. We specialize in production manufacturing of fabricated  trailer parts. However, our abilities, equipment, and experience allows us to integrate with many other industries. We provide parts and services to large O.E.M.'s and distributors throughout North America and beyond. Buddy McCollum, Jerry Clay, and O.C. Ross started Best Fender Products in 1995 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Their vision was to build the best parts available, provide the best service but most importantly establish a reputation and a relationship with our customers that redifined dependability.

Initially our product line consisted of trailer fenders only. Today our fenders are still our signature product but our expanded capabilities have allowed us to service our customers at an entirely different level than was possible in the early days. Currently we manufacture 100's of different types of fabricated parts. Some examples of our products are light brackets, ramp hinges, gussets, storage boxes, tail boards, dump trailer components, and many other custom designed parts. Whether it is a customer design or one of ours, our only limitation is our imagination.

We incorporate the latest technology that allows us to always improve the product and service that we provide. Along with that we have been fortunate to have assembled the greatest team of employees that share our vision and passion for our company. The most vital part of what we are today is our customers. We have truly been blessed with the opportunity to work for the greatest customers in the world.

Don’t let our website tell you who we are or what we can do. If you are in need of a manufacturer that can truly be a partner give us a call and let us prove it ourselves.